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Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Sailor -
Answers to the Quiz

1. Walter Alabaster, aged 28, Police Constable, at Police Station, Roslyn Hill, Hampstead, born Hornchurch, Essex, with a sergeant, twenty-two constables, plus Inspector and family. This is Walter John Alabaster (1854-1901) [IIIA], son of Walter Goddard and Louisa (nee Patten) grandfather of Robert Clifford Alabaster.

2. Robert Alabaster, aged 27, Engine Driver, at 23 Eyre St Hill, Holborn, born Romford, Essex, with wife, Mary Ann and daughter Mable, aged 2.  This is Robert Hedges Alabaster (1856-1917) [IIIA], son of Robert Hedges and Sarah Ann (nee Brazier)

3. Henry Alabaster, aged 19, Tailors Trimmer, at 146 Cheapside, London, born Brentwood, Essex, in the home of Thomas J. Kelly, tailor.  This is Henry Stammers Alabaster (1861-1945) [I], son of Edwin Stammers and Mary Ann (nee Rickard) grandfather of John Stammers Alabaster, Dorothy Stammers Howell and William Henry Elliott Alabaster

4. Henry Alabaster, aged 67, Butcher, at 81 Kingsland Road, Shoreditch, with wife Emma. This is Henry Alabaster (1813-1888) [IIB], son of William and Arabella (nee Lucas)

5. Elizabeth, Sarah and Ann Alabaster, aged 59, 55 and 51 respectively, Bonnet Makers, at 35 Bonner Road, Bethnal Green, with nephew Henry aged 17 and nieces Mary and Sarah Mansfield aged 33 and 35. Elizabeth (1821-1909), Sarah (1826-1881) and Ann (1830-1908) Alabaster [IIA] were three of the daughters of Charles Henry and Sarah (nee Mead). These three "elderly aunts" appear to have taken on the responsibility to raise various of the offspring of their brothers and sisters.

6. Walter Alabaster, aged 34, Silversmith, at 5 Cadel Street, Bethnal Green, with sisters Elizabeth and Fanny Alabaster, aged 50 and 48, both Mantle makers.  This is Walter Alabaster (1848-1917) [WofW], son of Thomas and Susannah (nee Lingley).

7. Edwin Alabaster, aged 26, Tin Man, at 4 Chapel Street, Bethnal Green with wife Harriet and sons Edwin, aged 4 and William aged 3  This is Edward (sic) Alabaster (1855-1912) [IIB], son of George and Susannah Kinch (nee Rogers)

8. John Alabaster, aged 25, Cigar Maker, at 13 George Street, Mile End New Town, born Shoreditch, with wife Francis and daughter Francis aged 4.  This is John Alabaster (1855-bef.1897)[IIIB], son of John and Martha (nee Parker) , grandfather-in-law of Barbara Murphy

9. William Alabaster, aged 15, Stable Boy, at 65 James Street, Bethnal Green, living in the home of Charles Badington, a carman.  This is William Alabaster (1865-1922) [IIIB] son of Joseph and Elizabeth (nee Rawlinson]

10. There are five possible answers:

Henry Alabaster, aged 35, Carpenter, at Maude House, Gillespie Road, Islington, born Bethnal Green, with wife Louisa, daughters Anna, Louisa, Nellie and Maude aged 8,6,4, and 1, and in infant son of 1 month, as yet unnamed.  This is Henry Alabaster (1845-1910) [WofW] son of Thomas and Susannah (nee Lingley) grandfather of John Henry Alabaster.

William H. Alabaster, aged 30, Carpenter, at 21 Broke Rd, Shoreditch, born Hornchurch, with wife Elizabeth, sons Walter W. and Arthur J. aged 2 and 3 months and visitor, Frederick Alabaster.  This is William Henry Alabaster (1849-1933) [IIIA] son of Walter Goddard and Louisa (nee Patten) grandfather of Evelyn Monaghan and gt grandfather of Jo Maydom and James Christopher (Jim) Alabaster.

Thomas Alabaster, aged 53, Carpenter, at 10 Coventry St, Bethnal Green, with wife Mary Ann.  This is Thomas (1828-1889) [IIA] son of Charles Henry and Sarah (nee Mead), brother of answer #5, gt grandfather of Tricia Dyer, Leslie Oram, Leslie Springall and gt gt grandfather of Laraine Hake, Michael Oram, Janine Howle, Sylvia Good, Barry Oram and Tony Springall.

Edwin S. Alabaster, Carpenter, at 1 Parnel Rd, London, Bow. born Bromley, Middx with his wife Mary A. , sons Richard, William and John A. aged 17, 15 and 8 months and daughters Elizabeth Jane, Mary A. , Martha, Ellen and Florence aged 13, 11, 9, 6 and 2. This is Edwin Stammers (1835-1922) [I] son of John Abel and Mary (nee Stammers), father of Henry Stammers Alabaster (answer #3) and gt grandfather of Joan Millican

Alfred Alabaster, Carpenter, at 33 Eckington Rd, Tottenham, born Hackney, Middx, with his wife Alice, daughter Alice aged 5 and son Alfred aged 2.  This is Alfred (1851-1912) [WofW] son of Thomas and Susannah (nee Lingley), gt grandfather of Peter Robert Alabaster  

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