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Picture from a local newspaper illustrating the opening of the former Bexley Swimming Pool in 1936, built by the Alabasters
Not only was the company of S. H. Alabaster Ltd well known for building houses, but, as this cartoon published in the Bexley Local Paper in 1936 illustrates, they built the new Swimming Pool in Danson Park. It's long gone now, superseded by a new Pool in Crook Log. Now even that is closed, and a new large Leisure Centre, recently opened by the Queen, reigns supreme in Brampton Road, Bexleyheath.
Tricia Dyer sent this advertisement for a house built by S. H. Alabaster Ltd 
Tricia Dyer kindly sent in this advertisement from the Sydenham Gazette, June 1932, for a three-bedroom house built by S. H. Alabaster Ltd. The price of the house was £450 freehold.
This looks like a letter from a satisfied customer. The postage was 1½d, or, as we used to say in those days,
three ha-pence, which is about ½p in decimal money. This looks like a letter from a satisfied customer to S. H. Alabaster Ltd.

And here are a few of the exhibits which were on show to members at the 2005 Gathering:


Violet Williamson nee Alabaster





Right: Violet Williamson, née Alabaster, 1901-1985, wearing the Mayoress`s chain of office of Lytham St. Annes Borough Council, in 1953.
Violet and her husband Arthur were the Mayor and Mayoress in 1953-54, during the Coronation.  




 Ray Williamson and friend, aged 4




Left: A picture of Ray Williamson, born 1945 (IIIB), aged 4
His mother Violet is pictured immediately above right.





Dorothy Hendrie nee Williamson, daughter of Violet Williamson nee Alabaster, with her son John.





Right: Dorothy Hendrie, née Williamson (1923-2002), Violet`s daughter, with her son, John Hendrie (IIIB), who is a member of the Society.
The pair were photographed by Dorothy`s husband, Don Hendrie, about 1950.





A wedding in Branch IIIB


Left: A fashionable 1920s wedding. It was originally thought that this was a Branch IIIB event, but it is more likely to be the wedding of Arthur Williamson`s (Violet`s husband) brother Bill to Ethel Sambrook. However, it still shows the elegance and style for which all Alabasters, past and present, are rightly renowned.
Violet is second on the right, standing, and Arthur is standing centrally at the back, just behind the man with the moustache (Arthur`s father). 






Alabaster Ginger Beer





Right: Cheers! Robert George Alabaster (IIA) bought Batey & Co., the ginger beer and mineral water manufacturers, in Kingsland Road, Shoreditch, on 5th October 1882. His sons, John and Robert James, were directors of the company. Eventually it was bought by R. White`s in the first half of the 20th century.






Percy Criddle and family
Left: Percy Criddle and some of his extended family.
Our member Oriole Veldhuis is researching the colourful Criddle family. If anyone can provide any information, please contact Ray Williamson in the first instance, via the email address on the Contact Us page.






Elise Harrer




Right: Sabina Elise Harrer (1840-1903) with Percy Criddle